Electrotherapy for men

The male skin is predominantly characterized by its increased resistance to the hardships of the atmosphere, as well as, against aging when compared to the female skin. Although the dermal tissue in men is inherently more resistant towards aging and sagging, it too needs corresponding therapeutic care in order to maximize the positive results.

One more point that men are actually unaware of, is that they exfoliate their face skin daily through shaving. A process which aids the removal of dead cells naturally but which, nonetheless, leaves skin with several skin conditions such as rashes and redness.

With the use of electrotherapy, male skin acquires a youthful appearance, it is radiant and healthy without the rushes and it is effectively firmed both on the face and neck areas.

Internal and external rejuvenation

By applying the various special patches which are connected with the state-of-the-art electrotherapy machines, we activate the basic layer of the skin by 70 %. Subsequently, the skin is reattached to its base so that it can reacquire the supply of all the essential nutrients it has been deprived of up until now as they were withheld at the bottom layer of the skin. We then proceed to the skin’s exfoliation with the aid of natural products (foams and scrubs), in order to facilitate the elimination of dead cells and to bring about the in-depth latent breathing of our skin

NOTE: For products and creams we refer our clients to pharmacies and commercial stores that sell natural products.

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