Face treatment

Internal rejuvenation

Natural looking face and expression, without deformities and altering of our characteristics.

It is absolutely common to gradually begin to loose the freshness and young appearance of our skin due to the detachment of the skin from its base and, thus, the decrease of nutrients managing to actually reach our skin. It is an ordinary process which commences around the 25th year of our age and culminates at menopause. Subsequently, we end up with an ever duller complexion and a dehydrated skin which lacks elasticity and shows signs of sagging.

At ΕLENI FAKOU, we apply various special patches which are connected with silent, state-of-the-art electrotherapy machines that activate the basic layer of the skin by 70 %. Subsequently, the skin is reattached to its base so that it can reacquire the supply of all the essential nutrients it has been deprived of up until now as they were withheld at the bottom layer of the skin.

Exfoliation and external rejuvenation

Natural shine and clarity, everyday.

It is an integral part of our methodology to recommend frequent facial exfoliation with the aid of natural products (foams and scrubs), in order to facilitate the elimination of dead cells and to bring about the in-depth latent breathing of our skin.

During the course of our therapeutic treatments, you will alter the way you care for your skin and - most importantly - the way you use face creams. Depending on your DNA and your age, we will teach you to learn to listen to the true needs of your skin and not the intrusive ones.

In addition, we will be giving you tips on how to use natural products at home which you can buy from the pharmacy and commercial stores.

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