“the Artists of Beauty”

In using a unique, revolutionary therapy with patches -electrotherapy only- and aiming solely at the best projection, the improvement and the maintenance of the beauty and health of the skin via natural ways, this is precisely what we offer to our customers regardless of their age.

It has been 31 years already of creating strong customer relationships without being based on any advertising at all and by wholly relying on our difference. Our totally different approach... With our guidance, you will also learn how to care for your face and skin in the comfort of your home.

The result: A glowing complexion minus the sagging, the blemishes, the dark circles under the eyes, the spider veins and the acne.

Whatever treatment you may have tried already and no matter how disappointed you may feel with the outcome, trust us to restore the natural beauty of your face and its normal oval shape. Visit us now at our relaxed and friendly studio.

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