Treatments with Natural Means

Approximately after our 25th year of age, our basic epidermal layer detaches from its base, therefore, it misses out on sufficient amounts of important nourishing elements such as collagen, elastin, vitamins and other.

The use of electrotherapy has been researched and applied in various medical fields (dermatology, kinesiology, neurology etc). In cosmetology we use absolutely natural means in order to acquire a healthy skin. This is possible via using special patches according to the client’s age and their DNA .

Visible results

  • Improvement of blood circulation regardless of age
  • Rejuvenation of 70 % of the skin
  • Reattachment of the basic epidermal layer to its base as it used to be when we were 25 years old
  • Treatment of any kind of skin condition (acne, freckles, blemishes, dark circles, inflammations, heavy face bruises, spider veins etc)

The abovementioned results are immediately visible even from the first application of electrotherapy on your first visit.

100% safe treatment with the human composition and its nature as our principle ally.

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